Millenium Technical Sales
Millenium Technical Sales
392056 Grey Rd. 109, Holstein, Ontario  
N0G 2A0 Canada
Phone: 905-866-8535

Automation Specialists

Millenium Technical Sales represents for companies specializing in high production Assembly, Part Handling, Testing and Marking.  We offer competent analysis, informed solutions and qualified sources for your profitable production requirements.

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Oring, Seal and Snap ring insertion

Rotary Indexers

Elevator feeders, Bulk parts elevators
Step feeders
Linear parts orientation
Air/oil cylinders to 200 tons, Servo presses
Precision assembly presses
Eddy current testing for parts properties and cracks, Turnkey systems

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Servo Indexers
Cam Driven Pick & Place
Precision Link Conveyors

Ultrasonic Non-Ferrous Metal Welding

Stylus and Laser part marking
Manufacturers of Leak Test Instruments
Fixtures, Test Stands and Full Turnkey Solutions -  Made in Canada!

We are proud to announce
 that we are the new Representative for

HKA Technologies
A Canadian Manufacturer of Leak Test Instruments and Systems.